Why adopt a plant based diet?


Everything we grow requires energy, water and nutrients. When we grow fruits and vegetables to eat, we have a much smaller impact on our ecosystems and the animals around us.

It’s more respectful to our fellow animals

Animal agriculture very rarely treats animals ethically for the entirety of their lives. When we adopt plant-based diets, we support systems where farm animals are consumed less, if at all. This means that each animal is more valued, and can exist in more space and a better environment.

It helps our soil, water and oceans

Animal consumption, including seafood, is one of the greatest drivers of environmental degradation in the world. Over-fishing is compromising marine ecosystems. Fertiliser that is used to grow animal feed is degrading our soil, polluting our rivers and killing our oceans. Fruit and vegetables require much less fertiliser and water to grow, so we slow down these processes of destruction.

It slows down climate change

Land-clearing for animal agriculture is a major source of carbon emissions in the world. When we chop down forest, it releases greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Cows, sheep and goats also produce a lot of methane as they grow and live. Refusing animal products can drastically reduce your carbon footprint.

It’s good for you!

Eating more fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as plant-based protein is great to make sure you have a well-balanced diet. When your meals are based from plants, you usually get your daily dose of fruit and veggies without even thinking about it.

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