Biosensitive Soccer?

by Mariana Valencia

white and black soccer ball theme plant pot
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An English soccer team, the Forest Green Rovers, have embraced a biosensitive approach! They recently embraced veganism, use renewable power at the club, maintain their pitch using recycled rainwater and avoiding toxic chemical, and offer free electric car charging for their supporters – AND they have a plan to build a carbon-free stadium made entirely of wood!

They may not be the best soccer team in England, but their loyal supporters include people from all around the world who support their environmental approach.

How do they get their calcium and protein?

There  are many alternatives to dairy  milk, including almond milk, soy milk, hemp milk and  rice milk. Recently a new potentially cheaper option has been gaining interest of nutritionists and foodies –   oat milk.   Oat milk is made from  steel-cut oats or whole groats that are soaked in water, blended, and then strained with cheesecloth or a special nut milk bag. Since oat grains absorb water very well, the resulting milk has a creamier texture with no other ingredients needed.

Oat milk is considered a  good choice for anyone who is allergic or intolerant to dairy and/or nuts, as well as those looking to limit saturated fat in their diets. One cup of oats  contains 130 calories, 2.5g total fat, 0g saturated fats, 2 grams fibre, 4 grams protein, 35% of calcium, and 25% for vitamin D, and more protein than other plant-based milks.

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