Three foods that grow with or without your help

These three plants produce yummy vegetables, and are VERY low maintenance. They’re great if you’re a beginner gardener looking for a start.


green orange and yellow pumpkins
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Leave a pumpkin seed in some soil (or even in your compost) and a pumpkin plant will likely grow out of it. All a pumpkin plant needs is a enough space, and a bit of rain.



plant blur leaves green
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This delicious herb can survive as a pot plant, but will happily grow into a hedge if you let it. Just plant some rosemary in your garden, water it occasionally, and you can add some flavor to all kinds of meals.


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Like pumpkin, it’s hard to stop a zucchini plant from growing once you’ve planted a seed. Just make sure you pick the zucchini before it gets too big and loses its flavour and great texture.

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